When it comes to minimizing construction schedule deviations, drones offer a means of data collection, interpretation and follow-through. 

Inspections can provide information in 3D or as an ortho mosaic (bird's eye view).

Drones are revolutionizing the way inspections are performed in the construction and infrastructure industries. They are being used to perform visual inspections of assets, which helps inspectors avoid dangerous situations and speeds up the collection of inspection data. Drones can be used to inspect long horizontal projects such as power lines, pipelines, and rail lines, as well as tall vertical structures such as bridges and cell towers. In addition to being safer and faster, drone inspections are also more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. 

What may look like a map, from a video game, is actually important information that share holders, construction progress managers, and inspectors need. 

How many cinder blocks remained? What are they throwing in the trash? Are we ahead of schedule?

Start To Finish Updates

Having the ability to view progress, of a construction site, in real-time, allows for quick responses to keep up with schedules.  

Frequency of updates can be monthly, to weekly. How ever often you need. 

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