Welcome to SC Handy Drones, where innovation, expertise, and a commitment to excellence converge to redefine construction site management. Founded by a veteran of the United States Marines, SC Handy Drones brings a unique blend of military precision, aviation safety knowledge, and technical proficiency to every project.

Our Story:
As a former Marine helicopter mechanic with a passion for aviation safety, Craig Carlile recognized the immense potential of drone technology in enhancing construction site operations. Drawing on years of experience and a Bachelor's degree in Aviation Safety from Everglades University, Craig embarked on a mission to revolutionize the construction industry. Our mission at SC Handy Drones, our mission is clear: to provide unparalleled drone services for inspections, accountability, and 3D modeling, empowering construction companies to achieve their project goals safely, efficiently, and with unmatched precision. We understand the importance of accountability and integrity in every aspect of construction site management, and we're committed to delivering results that exceed expectations.

 Why Choose Us?
Veteran-Owned and Operated:
As a veteran-owned and operated company, we understand the value of discipline, integrity, and attention to detail. You can trust us to deliver results with the same level of dedication and precision that we brought to our military service.

Expertise and Experience:
With a background in aviation safety and years of experience in the field, we bring a depth of expertise to every project. Our commitment to ongoing training and professional development ensures that we stay at the forefront of drone technology and best practices.

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What may look like a map, from a video game, is actually important information that shareholders, construction progress managers, and inspectors need. 

How much material did we use? What are they throwing in the trash? Are we ahead of schedule?

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Having the ability to view progress, of a construction site, in real-time, allows for quick responses to keep up with schedules.  

Frequency of updates can be monthly, to weekly. How ever often you need. 

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